Everybody in Britain knows a meddling neighbor, yet shouldn’t something be said about a voyeur? (Legitimate) voyeurism is more well known than you might suspect!

In each edge of the UK, somebody is viewing. Looking as our VoyeurHouse couples approach their day by day lives. Looking as they talk, shower, eat… even as they Netflix and chill.

Genuine cam locales are turning out to be increasingly well known and broad – and Britain can’t get enough! This new pattern has been bound to happen. Our unscripted television has moved from the sporadically hot Big Brother to the absolute uncouth Love Island. We’ve all gone to an existence of exhibitionism via web-based networking media as well – first on Facebook and now on Instagram.

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How we broke down the information

Here at VoyeurHouse HQ were interested one day about exactly where our committed fans originated from in the UK. Or maybe obviously, London took the main spot. In any case, that was a fairly exhausting answer! Rather we needed to know which town or city had the most Voyeurs Per Head (VPH). We made sense of this utilizing populace information gave by neighborhood gatherings… and bam! Out of nowhere we had a complete rundown of the UK’s most voyeuristic spots.

To our stun and pleasure, the great individuals of excellent Northumbrian town Morpeth out of nowhere involved the top spot. In case you’re perusing this individuals of Morpeth – a debt of gratitude is in order for viewing! A long way from having ‘dirty’ notorieties, different towns balancing our main 5 incorporate Devizes in Wiltshire, house of prayer city Chichester, prosperous Walton on Thames and Long Eaton in Derbyshire.

Look at the full rundown of our main 100 voyeuristic UK towns and urban communities in the rundown beneath to see where you live put!

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Our Take on Voyeurism in The UK

At VoyeurHouse we’re glad to offer 24 hour live floods of genuine cams. This is voyeurism, however a legitimate sort of voyeurism – everyone that shows up on our site is completely mindful that they’re being viewed. It’s a piece of the a good time for them!

Accordingly, voyeurism is not, at this point a messy word. A long way from being the area of blind twitchers and unwelcome voyeurs, this sort of voyeurism is lenient and provocative. Customary individuals – a large number of them – check out watch our couples. Voyeurism in the UK is more mainstream and broad than you might envision.

So truly, you most likely have passed a voyeur or two in the road today, however we believe it’s about time that we quit considering that to be an awful thing!

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The Top 20 Most Voyeuristic Places in the UK

  • Morpeth
  • Devizes
  • Chichester
  • Walton-on-Thames
  • Long Eaton
  • Dover
  • Bridgend
  • Rugby
  • Brighton
  • Boston
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Livingston
  • Bridgwater
  • Bolton
  • Kirkcaldy
  • Lord’s Lynn
  • Cumbernauld
  • Loughborough
  • Chester
  • Barnsley

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